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Security Policy

Security Policy



The Company has established security objectives at relevant functions and levels, with the aim at managing risk by reducing the probability of events, minimizing the effects of incidents and mitigating the consequences by adequate preparation and resilience.


The Company’s objectives regarding the security policy implementation is to:

  • Assess and monitor the security aspects of all PCASP and shore based premises
  • Establish safeguards against identified risks
  • Comply with National, International and flag administrative requirements as applicable
  • Avoid security incidents that could cause human injury, loss of life or damage to the ship, the property and assets under its management.
  • Ensure fast and efficient exchange of security related information.
  • Protect physical and information technology (IT) assets
  • Enhance efforts to combat piracy.
  • Enhance the capability of the PCASP to deal with the consequences of a piracy attack.
  • Protect the security of vessels and ensure effective systems of piracy control.


In order to effectively implement its Security Policy the Company:

  • Communicates the security policy to all interested parties
  • Provides adequate resources and support / training to the PCASP for the purpose.
  • Implements procedures to prepare and respond to security related emergency situations.
  • Designates appropriate personnel to monitor security aspects on board & ashore
  • Prepares & trains shore based staff and PCASP for handling emergency situations.
  • Implements all National, International and Flag administrative requirements promoting them to all company’s personnel through the existing training programs.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to shore based premises
  • Cooperates with port authorities and shore based facilities and agents to enhance security level during operations and embarkation/disembarkation of the PCASP.
  • Gathers information with respect to security threats and promotes the information exchange regarding security incidents.
  • Evaluates and continually improves the security processes / measures followed by taking necessary action in order to identify the problem areas through the implementation of Internal Auditing and Management Review systems.


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Priding ourselves on our maritime heritage, long history and understanding of coastal and seafaring matters, we established Four Shield Solutions (4SS) to create a shield of security between our clients and threats that exist in today’s world.  However, more than the service we provide, we are also a group of people with ideals and beliefs.



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