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Security at Sea

Security at Sea

Although Piracy has been positively portrayed through the lens of Hollywood as adventurous and brave, the truth has always been quite different. Piracy has been a global problem for thousands of years. Since men began to cross the Oceans and Seas to trade goods with each other and long before the Spanish began to bring gold, silver and other treasures from the New World back to Spain, men began to sail the seas as pirates. Pirate threats are very real, killings are real, kidnappings and demands for ransom are real, theft of cargo is real. Captures are violent and not exciting and more often than not, there are no naval rescue teams over the horizon. These threats often leave businesses and families plagued with fear and loss. There is nothing but imminent mortal danger. It is indeed unfortunate that the pirate genre does not represent the pirate reality and what is happening off the coast of Somalia, West Africa and elsewhere in the world.  

Working in partnership with international shipping organizations, flag states, government and regulatory bodies, insurance and legal professionals, 4SS specialize in creating a shield of protection between your ship and cargo assets and maintaining the crews security from the threat of pirate operations. 4SS is able to provide advice through useful intelligence regarding the transit route through high risk areas and support shipping vessels or yacht operators with a comprehensive on board security protection team at very short notice. Our security teams embark and disembark the vessel with minimal disruption to the schedule. Apart from the legally sourced weapons, each team member is supplied with the latest technology in communication and tactical equipment (satellite phones & trackers, body armor and medi kits). Throughout the transit our security team remains active and alert, checking-in to our operation center and with local authorities, both at predetermined intervals and in case of emergency in line with our procedure of operations and rules of engagement.


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Security at Sea

Although Piracy has been positively portrayed through the lens of Hollywood as adventurous and brave, the truth has always been ...


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Priding ourselves on our maritime heritage, long history and understanding of coastal and seafaring matters, we established Four Shield Solutions (4SS) to create a shield of security between our clients and threats that exist in today’s world.  However, more than the service we provide, we are also a group of people with ideals and beliefs.



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